What’s this election page about? The biggest game in town

It’s not a game, of course. We always say that the next presidential election is the most consequential of our lifetimes. This time that might be true. Until the next one, anyway. I know, I’m a sportswriter. But I’m fascinated by presidential politics — and not just in the present. The great races and presidential personalities of the past can inform our decisions in the present — or at least remind us that the madness we are witnessing isn’t necessarily unique to our own time and conditions.

What I am interested in doing here is not presenting a partisan view of politics. Anyone who looks to analyze elections, of course, is in danger of doing this, because we are all human, and we have our own biases and beliefs. Some of mine will become evident to you as you read these posts, most likely.

But I’m not trying to tell you whom to vote for. We are all participants in the process. In this space, I hope to be an observer. I’ll tell you what I think, but try, too, to share the view from both sides, when appropriate.

What I don’t have much tolerance for is misinformation. There’s a great bit of it out there — some of it put forth by the campaigns themselves, much of it either originating from or exploited by foreign governments, most of it floating around social media.

There is only one version of the truth. Things happen or they do not. People say things or they do not. The truth, I’m going to tell you right now, rarely is hiding in the far reaches of the Internet, on an obscure YouTube video, or in theories whose origins cannot be traced and whose tenets are not verifiable.

It’s an uphill battle because most of you will read these words — if you see them at all — and run them through a filter of your own beliefs before they even hit home. You’ll be forming a defense or an agreement before the thoughts are completed.

My hope is that maybe just a line, an idea or a thought, might linger and show up later as you consider events, candidates and your own beliefs.

Regardless, you are here, and for that I am grateful and appreciative.